Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A 100 yard cruise

Well, we wouldn't want to over do it would we?
Adam (NB Briar Rose) put a comment on last night's blog which recommended that we moor a little further up which would get us away from the residential moorings and associated noise from gennys and engines. A good call so we moved up a bit, it's amazing how much nicer it is round by Br 82
 I love the fact that everything is so beautifully designed - even the play areas are rustic
 This is the River Ouzell
 and this is the biggest log pile I have ever seen
 How many winters would this little lot keep us going for - it would see me through my lifetime and probably all my boaty friends' lifetimes too. I'm still drooling
 This is Woolstone and it's church which has lost it's tower somewhere along the way
 Yet another of those pretty villages that lie 'within' Milton Keynes now - each has been left it's own respectful space and evironment - there is no encroachment of city life

 It's not all modern housing and plastic pubs
 This is The Barge, offering food all day and real ale
 Plus a 'warm' welcome for the dogs - including a nice woolly rug covering the flagstones
 It's opposite the village pond and less than 5 minutes walk from Br 83
 This is our new mooring - much nicer and no boats opposite - far more private
 G adding power to his mast lights - we'll have no more smut about errections please - oh go on then, but this is the last time!
It looks more like he's sewing up his trousers in this pic!


  1. One of our all time favourite moorings in Milton Keynes is by bridge 82.
    Last time we were there bridge 82 had a huge crack running down it's length. We did report it but would be interested if you could let us know if it has been repaired. We reported it in September last year.
    We must do some of the walks shown next time we are in the area. You seem to have a knack for finding them. Good luck with your new venture and look forward to reading all about it.

    1. I shall do a full structural survey on Br 82 in the morning and report back. You can't go wrong with walking around here; I just have to make sure I don't get too carried away for Baxter's sake!
      Thank you for the wishes; looked like your cruise was great fun xx