Monday, 4 November 2013

Well here we are, 'Billy no mates'

I didn't really want to move anywhere this morning but the moorings North of Cropredy lock are now 24 hours. I climbed out of my bed around 9.30 and walked back with the dogs to see what the scheduled stoppage was about - brickwork evidently; both within the lock and the run off. I mentioned the problem with the lift bridge on the Banbury approach and was told that the 'agreement' with the building contractors was that it would be left open at all times that they weren't using it!
 The first of just 3 locks today and I just wasn't in the mood so left G to do all the work
 a bit hard work in the wind in places but not too bad
 and after mooring and splitting a load of wood I walked the dogs for an hour - all the wind gone and the canal like a mirror
 miles from anywhere and not even a dog walker passing by, we're that remote - hopefully our waistlines and livers can recover over the next few days! 


  1. Billy no mates... oh purlease.. LOL

    You have me, your loyal stalker, two dogs who dote on you, a cat that will talk to you again one day (hopefully) and a cabin boy (yes, your dearly beloved) to cuddle up to on these dark and chilly autumnal nights...

    What more could you want or need... (yes I do know the answer to that question, shall I pass the Kleenex?)

    Big Hugs,
    Kevin xx & Harry xx

    1. That of course was me - forgot to change the URL

  2. Ah Kevin, Harry - as long as I still have you!
    Daisy back to her normal vocal and dribbly self
    Never mind the Kleenex; we had to cook our own Sunday lunch and there was no pudding!!!