Sunday, 24 November 2013

Spectacularly mucked up

In one single day in Braunston we managed to not only be 'not found' by NB Ellen but lost their phone number and e-mail address ... grrr!
We managed to book into AJ Canopies to get our cratch cover repaired (we keep catching the bottom stud in locks) and to have a 'sun shade' (bimini) to fit on our pram hood ready for the sunny climes of the South of France.

We also had a long promised brekkie at the Gongoozlers rest and re- stocked the freezer at the excellent butchers

The sunshine was glorious. I really must finish painting that other shutter
We had an excellent pint at The Admiral Nelson - lovely sofas and a roaring fire where we met up with Mike - a friend of Diana that used to work for us in our shop in our previous existence - he has subsequently bought NB Lady Thelma and moved on to the cut. He's followed our blog since we first took to the water and has been looking out for us.
and then we found Maffi as we approached Hillmorton Locks and then passed Derwent 6 - we should catch up with them this week

There was enough pheasant casserole left for Maffi to have supper with us and Molly happily curled up in Baxter's chair to snooze the evening away
now she is one gorgeous little dog that knows how to make herself at home
Then we moved on to Newbold to catch a bus into Rugby and just about finished the Xmas shopping
Saturday night Simon and Kelly (who bought the Barley Mow at Newbold) held an Irish night with a great busker, dancers and stew and colcannon. I think this has to be one of the nicest pubs we've been in for years. They are into all things boaty and doggy and were pretty amazing as front of house mine hosts. They've only been in there since the end of July and they now provide laundry facilities and you can rent a bathroom. So if you want to languish in a bath (whilst your washing washes) for the afternoon and then have a pint with good home made food for supper; then this is the place for you.

We'll move back to Braunston tomorrow where we are expecting a lot of visitors starting with Kevin and Debbie from WB Avalon in the afternoon. Sadly not NB Ellen though - looks like that will have to be after Xmas now.


  1. I'm not begrudging Molly a snooze in Baxter's chair, but wasn't the new rule that they were exclusively YOUR chairs now? Or does that just apply to the dinette?

    Obviously this is important information for Ollie and Ty, though I can't see either of them spinning in a Captain's chair!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. We've relented with the Captain's chairs but still strictly apply the rules with the dinette - although visiting hounds are allowed on the dinette; especially when they are too large/long to fit anywhere else. We still have Ollie and Ty's sheepskins of course so tell them not to worry

  2. Are you coming any further north in the near future?

  3. I think Market Harborough is as far as we'll get before we leave but you're very welcome to come South!

  4. Hi Jill, I hope you don't mind but I wondered if you would be kind enough to email Sue on No Problem for me. I'm a regular blog reader of the No Problem blog but have been unable to view it for the last week. It tells me that it has error code 503. My husband is a techi and insists it's nothing I'm doing and wondered if Sue was aware of any problems.

    Thank you Paula

    1. Hi Paula, of course it's 'no problem' and I phoned Sue this morning; she's doing some research and will get back to you, via this site, very soon

    2. Hi Paula,

      It might be that your IP number has been caught up in my 'anti spam bad bot' catcher. I put that on over 2 years ago because my server was being bombarded with advertising stuff from Russia and beyond at a rate of between 10 and 100 hits per second which was overloading the server.

      Do you have a static IP address? If so if you can give it to me, I think it is safe to do so on this medium, ask your husband first as he is a techy.

      If you do have a static one then I can just add that to 'allow'.

      Let me know. So sorry about this. You may not be the only one, I think I will put a note on the forums in case others are having the same problem. I did put a new signature file on there about last week, that could also be the problem.

      I'll wait till you come back to me Paula.

    3. Hi again Paula,

      Graham has passed me on your IP address and now I can see what is going on. It is banned at the moment because the new CPU update for the iPad and iPhone messed with the spam blocker. As you see above I uploaded a new signature file that dealt with that but it seems you might be the only one still blocked!

      I am just getting advice on how to clear that for you from the support team and as soon as I have the problem fixed I will let you know.

      Many thanks Graham for letting us discuss on your blog!

      In fact if you pass over your email address with your next message, Graham can get that to me and delete it from your message if you like.


    4. Paula/Sue - hope you're both sorted now

    5. No not yet Jill, and I should have thanked you too not just Graham, after all tis you who write the blog!

      Brain is working overtime for a long time at the moment trying to sort Paula out! That is my excuse..

  5. OK Paula,

    You should now be able to see the blog.. Please let me know you can.