Monday, 11 November 2013

I adore this place

Last time I was here at Wormleighton I had a really interesting comment from a lady who had a connection with this old manorial village - I wonder if she's had enough stamina to stick with my ramblings.
It was perfect weather so I couldn't resist a visit - I had intended to do the big circular and return via Priors Hardwick but the towpath was in such a brambly/thorny state it wouldn't have been fair on the boys (see previous blog)
the mellow brickwork is just glorious

and the bright sunshine made the light and dark contrasts sensational
you just want to get your paints out

even the more modern stuff is fabulous

I'd prepared all the veg and lamb for Sunday lunch before I left and G was cooking it so I was able to return and watch an afternoon Disney movie when I returned - not something I'd normally do but it was nice to just rest up a bit - dinner was fabulous and we ate it all (bang goes a casserole out of the leftovers - what piggies)
and then there was G's completion of the new base station VHF aerial - we played 10/4 rubber ducks today


  1. That VHF aerial rig looks good - I must make sure that R sees it - he often says our aerial could do with some more elevation.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Trouble is on baby canals is that the whippy aerial flicks brick dust in my eyes when I go through bridge 'oles - no need for it to be up on baby canals of course but it's a new toy!!!!!

  2. Woo - I recognise that mooring - we moored together there - with a suitable distance between us for the cats! Hope to catch up with you over the winter sometime. Sue NB Beefur

    1. Daisy still won't go out if there's another cat about - funny when she's so brave with dogs. Are you heading this sort of way - it would be great to see you before we leave for France?