Sunday, 10 November 2013

G saved a Noodle

Lest we forget

Needed full wet weather gear yesterday just to move 200yds up to the pub for our Sainsbury delivery. We waited for it in the pub, as you do, so we could keep an eye out for the arrival in the car park and met a really nice couple out on a share boat with a young Spaniel called Noodle. Delivery done and the rain cleared away we changed our minds about staying the night and left the couple to their lunch and moved out to a favourite spot in the sticks.

The dogs and I needed a walk and it turned into a gloriously sunny afternoon; happy to resume the 'old' days and leave G to the boat for the 3 mile trip.

Having moored up I started to prep dinner and saw the nice couple come past us, I waved (as you do) and they looked and pointed frantically behind them - Noodle the spaniel had fallen off the back of the boat and she was frantically trying to stay ahead of the dog to get to the bank but keep the prop away. I yelled to G who shot out and managed to encourage Noodle to the bank where he could fish him out. I don't think the Spaniel was particularly concerned (other than by being left behind), but his Mum and Dad were having apoplexy - so much so that they moored for the day much earlier than intended.

Sometimes it's just nice to know that you're still here (legs all the way up to my armpits)!
Walked to the gorgeous Wormleighton today - pictures on the next blog but had a serious problem reaching the turn off along the towing path. The contractors have met their veg pledge but left all the thorns and brambles en route. Dogs all tangled up and with thorns in their feet. Muttley wasn't at all happy and I had to carry Baxter in places.

 Happy Baxter once clear of that little lot!


  1. Well I think the Tiller Girl gnomon is indicating 4:22 GMT... LOL

    Well done Graham :)

    1. You've got too clever for me Kevin - either that or your predictive text has taken control. Gnomon?

  2. Oh that is easy Jill, Gnomon is this...

    In the northern hemisphere, the shadow-casting edge is normally oriented so that it points north and is parallel to the rotation axis of the Earth. That is, it is inclined to the horizontal at an angle that equals the latitude of the sundial's location. At present, such a gnomon should thus point almost precisely at Polaris, as this is within a degree of the North celestial pole.

    Got it now?


    1. Of course Sue! Silly me; how could I have forgotten that - I tell you, I don't know why, but there aren't half some clever buggers out there that read my blog. Perhaps they like roughing it a bit to give their intellect a rest!

  3. I think gnomon is something to do with watches. Your reflection looks kike the hand of the watch. Oh and as to our orange juice on the table, I had to do some photo shoot editing to remove our glasses!

    1. Another clever soul.
      I'm pleased to hear the pic was edited - I'd hate to think you'd fallen on such hard times as one orange juice between 6 of you!

  4. We have a sundial built into our patio at home - your body is the gnomon - stand on the appropriate month and your shadow tells the time - it is surprisingly accurate!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    p.s. the number of sunny days when we're at actually at home (rather than cruising) to try this is few!

  5. Well done Graham, the "Cocker doodle Noodle" will swim another day! And another day!! And another day!!! Ours needs the Hydrotherapy.