Monday, 18 November 2013

A nice surprise

Thursday I walked up to the village shop for some essential supplies for the weekend; 'phoning G on the way back to say I'd meet him in the Folly for a lunchtime pint. As soon as I walked in, my dogs were greeted with great enthusiasm by the, unmistakably handsome, white Spaniel/Saluki 'type' cross of Ghost - the dog that lives with Brian on NB Kyle. He was in there for lunch with two other boaters and was moored out the other side of Napton. Although he caught up with the Yarwoods recently, I had no idea he was heading our way. It must be 3 years plus since we last saw him (in Birmingham?) . Needless to say we had a good laugh and catch up, but I then left the fellers to it as I didn't want to sleep the afternoon away!
I thought this was sad, at least it survived a bit longer to be spoilt for awhile I suppose
I couldn't leave the area without one little picture of 'it'
Stopped to water after the bottom lock before leaving on Friday - I popped to the little shop for milk that I'd forgotten and, in doing so, managed to miss NB Oakfield passing up to the flight. Planet G didn't twig so that was that opprtunity missed. Stopped off at NB Kyle for a coffee as we passed and then found Leon on NB The Old Bovine moored; so hovered and nattered for ages until boats approached from both directions and we had to move. Hoping to meet with NB Ellen when we get to Braunston.
My goodness this as busy and sociable area!

Reached Fox's Gate for the weekend and the animals were all dying to get out whilst we split wood and set up the bird feeders
The number of boats that passed by here Saturday and Sunday was incredible - continuing on well after dark and starting very early. To be honest the weather was damp and miserable - as were all the footpaths and I had no inclination to walk the big round trip to the deer park in all that clag. At least I completed a number of jobs that I'd been putting off!
These steps from the towpath onto the bridge have been half built for as long as I've been boating - the verticals have been inserted but never backfilled to provide steps and are - quite frankly - lethal. I don't expect they'll ever be finished now. Where is 'elf and safety when you do need it?

Moved on into Braunston this morning where we'll stay a day or two before taking a trip up to Rugby, then coming back through this way towards the Leicester arm - probably. Perhaps need to keep a close eye on the weather now vis a vis water points.

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