Friday, 29 November 2013

Regenerated into 'Chance' rs

I'm telling you it's all one big social whirl around Braunston but, firstly, we have had some technical issues. Our main alternator belt broke and shredded the travel power alternator belt and now we have one forward engine leg mounting bolt sheered off and the other one missing. That's G's parlance - in mine we've got a wibbly wobbly engine.

For some reason this seems to be the only pic I took whilst in Rugby - must of been defeated by all the Christmas/Birthday shopping
 I really liked the tranquility of the moorings at Newbold
 and Newbold Park makes for good dog walking
We had a date in Braunston with our friends, Deb and Kevin. This is their puppy Herbie - how can a 'puppy' be that huge?
 so double that up with a full grown Teddy and you understand why they have a wide beam rather than a narra!
 now Deb and G seem to be having a rather nice time
 whilst Kevin and Baxter are, clearly, being bored to tears
 not to mention being squashed!
 Muttley's absence from these pics is significant - he was really upset with Herbie's presence on the boat which is sooo unlike him, so we had to keep him up one end of the boat (we thought it might be because Herbie hadn't had his pockets emptied - yet)
It turned out that Muttley was really quite ill - although a lot better now, he's still getting us up throughout the night. No vet required - we have been here before. He's eaten the leftover 'gizzards' from one/some of Daisy's mice. It's a matter of keeping him hydrated and giving up on a good night's sleep.

The following morning the four of us had an excellent breakfast on the NB Gongoozlers Rest whilst Herbie was busy eating the handbrake on their motor home and Muttley was busy throwing up all over the boat. Kevin took G to find new alternator belts whilst Debbie and I hatched plans re France.

After lunch Mike and June came out for a visit - they've spent the last 20 years (ish) on their narra in Europe - boy did they get their poor brains picked over. It was so good to meet them, a smashing couple - we could have swapped stories for weeks.

In the morning Leon, from NB The Old Bovine, came round for coffee and then the next knock was Al from Derwent 6 - she was just popping round to say that they were 'in town' but I hi-jacked her for an hour or two and a night out is planned over the weekend as they were moving on for a couple of days.

James and Dougie - we're on your social tails!!!!!


  1. You are far better at it than us! Enjoy a late night with Del and Al they never leave before 2am! But you will have a good night! xx

    1. I can't believe that you've put a comment up whilst you're on a posh cruise! Hope the weather is better there - I think we'll wake to a frozen cut in the morning! Have a great time xx