Thursday, 7 November 2013

Still boats trying to get through despite the stoppages

Still moored North of Cropredy - nicely in the middle of nowhere trying to catch up with overdue jobs - starting with fixing the spare bed in case friends want to come and stay
 I've encountered 3 boats now that think they would have a weeks autumnal trip down to Banbury and back and had no idea that Cropredy lock was closed - sadly I found them after they had done the Claydon flight and one poor soul who'd done all 8 locks. This would make a good turning point but, for some reason, it's forbidden - I wonder what the legal status of this is but, anyway, why not?
 This mottley crew are still lurking against the barn wall
 The new marina at Cropredy taking shape
 Whereas Phase I is looking pretty full - can you imagine the queues at the locks on a sunny summer's Friday afternoon (in fact can you imagine a sunny summer's day anymore)?
 I needed bread and milk from the Cropredy shop which is about 2 miles away, so bribed G into coming with me with a pint at the excellent Red Lion. The young couple running it couldn't have made us more welcome. The dog asleep by the roaring fire is not a new acquisition but Shandy, the pub dog - our two dogs are asleep under the table and were all happy to snooze together whilst I left G and walked onto the shop before rejoining him for a pint. I'm sure he managed to fit in an extra one which compensated him for the sludgy 4 mile walk in the rain and being asked to carry the milk and potatoes! 
 No sign of activity at the lock - too wet for mixing cement and fixing brick work
Himself now down in the engine 'ole doing an oil change. He's also built a mast for out VHF aerial - evidently a hand held VHF isn't good enough for France; we have to have a fixed base and a marine licence (my existing licence isn't good enough either), money, money, money. The costs of this adventure are really starting to mount up now - as always it's the 'bits and pieces' that add up; there are so many of them.


  1. CaRT have just issued a stoppage alert for Cropredy, 3 days after it was due to start.

    Cropredy Lock 25

    Monday 4 November 2013 - Friday 15 November 2013
    UPDATE (07 November 2013): Please be aware that water levels in the pound between Broadmoor Lock 24 and Cropredy Lock 25 may fluctuate due to the closure at Lock 25.

    We would therefore not recommend that boats moor in this pound, for the duration of the closure.

    1. The stoppage has been well publicised which is why we scurried through last Sunday. A few boats started to moor just above (probably thinking they wouldn't be moved on from the 24 hour moorings due to the closure) so they've issued a separate notice not to moor there due to a necessity to, almost, empty that pound from time to time.

  2. Agreed, it's expensive getting all the bits and pieces togther for foreign boating - but worth it! Make sure you get a VHF Marine radio with ATIS, we've just bought one as we hadn't realised we needed ATIS - thought it was only for commercials. Ignorance of the law and all that.... best wishes from temporary landlubbers back in UK for a while.

    1. Hi guys; yes, our new purchase has ATIS. I hope it is worth it because it's beginning to wear me down - one thing after another and another and ....still so much to do