Monday, 1 December 2008

Dirty Dash

Finished off most (but not all) of our "things to be done before we go" yesterday. Himself is still suffering with a spot of man flu & didn't feel up to moving on in the claggy cold. Woke this morning to glorious sunshine at last, walked the dogs & Daisy for an hour and then something snapped-returned to the boat & suggested we leave...NOW. Paused long enough to settle our electric bill, buy some coal & pump out. We haven't gone far & we're pointing the wrong way(!), but we're out. I don't like what we become when we stay in the Marina, we start watching TV indiscriminately, using the car instead of walking and, generally, taking everything for granted. So tonight we moored up to find we have no TV signal & thought we'd have to talk to each other, but Caxton's crew rang to say they were 150 yds away & did we fancy going to the pub-lucky escape: we can start clean living tomorrow (or maybe the day after).
Walked the dogs up, ahead of the boat, after mooring & sorted wood into position ready to put on the boat as we pass tomorrow-the next two days will be happily passed replenishing our wood supplies which will stop my withdrawal symptoms and, hopefully, start to reduce my thickening middle from 5 weeks of too easy living.

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