Thursday, 4 December 2008

One of those days

Very little sleep last night due to the noise from the rain. G put the (cross) bed up this morning & everything was as normal; I wandered through a few minutes later & squelched round to the far side of the bed!!!! Turned off the water and pulled everything out, assuming it was the calorifier: nothing. Cautiously turned the water back on, followed by the boiler, water heaters, ran taps, showers: nothing. No sound of pump running, no increase in the amount of water, all pipes dry. Cut a new inspection hatch(!) in the floor: nothing, bone dry (although I did find it somewhat diconcerting to watch him drilling holes in the floor of the boat). How can that much water find it's way in ,that quickly, without leaving any trace of it's source? It has to be something that filled up & tilted or something that "burst", under pressure maybe, but no trace. The worry is that it might do it again, but not stop this time and we might be out.

Then I broke a mug. Then I broke a bowl. Then the new cat flap to the office jammed (allows cats access to their food, but not the dogs). It's taken Big Ted a few days to learn to use it to get his food, so now we're back to square one & he's sitting in the food prep area of the galley (very hygenic!) shouting, "feed me, feed me" & boy can that cat shout! He's clearly tried to use it today when it was jammed and now, at time of writing, is refusing to have any more to do with it.

So, one way or another, the day was spent putting things right-even the dog's walk was thwarted, as the water was over the towpath & we had to give up. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Our Presssure release valve(on the calorifier) decided to stick one day and we could hear water running and panicked but it was going from the PRV along a pipe into the canal. There must have been dirt in the valve- we released more water through it and it's been fine since- touch wood!

  2. Nice to have met you today. I have added a link to your blog on my web site. All the best Ernie - nb Ten Bob Note

  3. Elsie, we think it must have come from the outside as no running noise & no pump noise- who knows?

    Thanks Ernie-see you about