Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Wind in twig's sail

G's final gesture before leaving the Marina was to wash the mud off his boots, leaving them nicely clean but also cold & wet on the outside; however, we're a bit out of practice at living out on the cut again and, having let Baxter out for a 7.00am pee, he left the cratch cover undone & dangling inside the boat - cratch covers make a fantastic funnel for filling boots with rain & snow! He doesn't have a spare pair!.

Ambled down on MR to collect the wood I'd put out the day before (delighted to find it hadn't been filched) & rooted about for more whilst himself tried to ram a way through into the old Brinklow arm (smelt the beer!). He says he was winding but, what the heck, we are now pointing the right way & we have logs again. More later we have visitors!

Loving this photo- a boat came past this morning, broke the ice & left an icy "sail" embedded on a floating, vertical, twig.
Back to this a.m. and visitors, 2 big labs my 2 Tibetans & 2 cats & a boat in chaos - will someone tell me how Greygal does it on a permanent basis, let alone how the mad woman is contemplating a 6th!!!!! Had a brill day today, my man set off with new GPS in search of geo cache & Joe, me & dogs in Pursuit. Got hopelessly lost, then found it, then found pub, then found by Lesley returning from Essex!! Nice relief after sorting out young lass who turned her car over in the ice on the back lane last night.


  1. Fun to read that you geocache as well! Love your photos! We 'did' the Llangollan canal a couple of years ago and love it. We first cruised it in the 80's so its a real favourite!

  2. We have just started Geocaching and so far have found only 3 of 6