Saturday, 29 November 2008

On the road again....well nearly

Given that we ended up lurking in Brinklow Marina for a lot longer than we intended and we're into the worst part of winter for me (shortest days); it hasn't been at all bad. The marina community is good fun & we've made new friends & re-connected with some old ones - some are here permanently, some temporarily & some have been found on the cut locally whilst we were out with the dogs (you can run but you can't hide!). This is beautiful countryside for walking in and, in particular, glorious woodlands. Rugby itself still has a lot of independant shops, including an "Arkright" style hardware store(Cox's Corner Shop) where we purchased 4 machine screws (for our new, lockable filler cap) and a length of rope. I had been wanting some multi-coloured mosaic tiles for splashbacks & I thought I would struggle to find them -we went into "Miles Of Tiles" today & there must have been over 100 to choose from which matched my criteria alone. Literally spoilt for choice. So all relatives have been visited, friends have been supped with, the little car has been MOT'd & sold, the boat has been safety checked & serviced and the boiler repaired & bailed out (yes it was flooded). So it just remains for one last food & drink replenishment & then we're on the road again.

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