Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Big Ted has left us with a very empty space

My big old , lovely, beautiful, Ted went out last Friday & came back when I called after 10 mins in a bad way-his back end was paralysed & it wasn't going to get any better and he was in pain. We did what we had to do.

He was nearly 19 & knowing he'd had a good innings doesn't actually make it any better, because he's been in our lives longer &, therefore, played a longer part in our lives and is missed even more.

We've had nearly 19 years of gorgeous affection & cuddles - thank you Ted.


  1. You have our condolences. It doesn't help, but we have been there. You had taken responsibility for a life and you had to make the responsible decision for that life. Dreadfully sorry.

    Pete and Lisa

  2. Jil, Graham, So sorry to hear about Ted. Know exactly how you feel. We lost our Cat Box earlier this year. We had her as a kitten and she was with us for 20+ years. She also played a big part in our lives. Still miss her, but we are now able to recall the years of pleasure she gave us and it's comforting to know that we gave her a really good life over those years. Anyway chins up and try to enjoy Christmas as much as is possible. Regards, Pav- NB Marmaduke.

  3. I had only known Ted for a very short time but he was a beautiful cat to behold AND, he sat on my lap which apparently was a huge priviledge!
    Farewell Ted...

  4. Thank you for all your kind thoughts

  5. Such a lovely blog, so sorry to hear about your cat, we lost our cat in the summer. love
    Jan and Laurie Sherlock, Wirral