Thursday, 11 December 2008

Xmas past (or passing)

It's strange that, when you're living on the cut, how "mainstream life" passes you by. I was heard to say today, when we & NB Caxton's crew were walking in to Crick, that the day was probably Thursday the 11th or 12th November! We did our usual on a non-cruising day; went for a walk, plastered ourselves & the dogs in mud, walked to the village & stocked up on fresh veg and popped into the local for a pint. Absolutely could not think, for a mo, why a village pub would be heaving on a Thursday lunchtime. Sat in mud splattered dogs, boots & trousers whilst everyone else was turning up in their finery for their office Xmas lunch.
After lunch, Lesley & I left G & Joe to log the wood we picked up yesterday and walked up Cracks Hill with the dogs. I had to stop & admire the view twice on the way up (pause to breathe!) whilst "leg it" Lesley got up in one! The lass clearly walks on water as she has not only blogged but uploaded pics. This is the first connection I've managed in days & no chance of photos, which is a shame as I have some nice ones. Maybe another day.
One of my greatest pleasures, and there have been many, of travelling the two boats together recently, has been the company of someone who loves to walk as much as I do & share the sheer joy of watching dogs being dogs & forming their happy pack together. Each morning, when they are re-united, Floyd bumbles up & mouths B & M's ears - they stand on their back legs & have a quick paw box & then Fletcher & Muttley are off & running. I have loads more to catch up on - besides photos - but 'puter's telling me this may fail grrrrrrrr!

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