Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Defeated by gloop!

Having moored up just before the Welford arm on Sunday, we walked down the arm into the village shop-absolutely magic carving of Postman Pat & his black & white cat (I'll show you one day if I ever get a signal!). On the return journey, Lesley pointed out that we needed to get a wriggle on if we were to get back to the boats before dark (no torches & pretty poor tow path). At which point "leg it" Lesley hit her turbo charge button & Jo & I never saw her again until we got home. Graham (who'd stayed behind to make dinner) reckoned Fletcher arrived first, followed by Lesley 5mins later and Jo & I and the remainder of the dogs 45 mins later (I NEVER exaggerate!).

The following day we did a round walk through the village taking in the two reservoirs that feed the Leicester line of the GU & had time for a pint & a bite in the pub at the end of the arm & found fellow bloggers in their spanking new NB Derwent 6 moored in front of us. Today we set off for the top of Foxton locks with Lesley & I walking the dogs as usual; the tow path got narrower & gloopier & then took on a 45 degree slant - not my idea of fun, so I left Lesley & the labs to it & did something really radical - hitched a ride on Matilda Rose!

Had lunch on Caxton after mooring up - a kingfisher sat outside for 5-10 mins - I might get that photo up one day too.

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