Saturday, 1 February 2014

What a difference ..

..  a day two days make. I took this picture in the snow in Welford's Pocket Park on Thursday
 and this one today (Saturday)
We've actually had a few hours of sun this morning but it's gone again now; raining and blowing a hooley. So we've had a pleasant couple of days in Welford; catching up with friends and enjoying a bit of banter in The Wharf Inn - the promised brace of pheasant and partridge didn't materialise though which was a shame. Oh well! 

Desperate to give the dogs a decent run yesterday, I headed for the high ground around the reservoir - the going started off pretty good but soon deteriorated. The rain was lashing in our faces on the wind. I know how much this is getting me down now - I can't imagine what those poor people in Somerset are feeling. 
This cartoon in one of the pub's newspapers made me smile though.
The River Avon, still going under the bridge arches - just
 Hard track under our feet - oh joy - but only until that corner ahead
 The run-offs

 The Wharf Inn from above

 For once in my life I was quite happy to comply with instructions
We moved on this morning as we had no 'phone, internet or TV signals where we were and someone was whittering on about a couple of games of Rugby this weekend. Is it true that it's only once a year because it seems to come around a lot more often than that? 

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