Saturday, 8 February 2014

Trapped for a bit

All this rain is finally catching up with the canal system. I guess it had to happen.

Having cleared the Buckby flight before the stoppages a week tomorrow, we learnt today that the Stoke Bruerne flight has been closed due to excess water levels. Also further down the Grand Union at Marsworth and the Aylesbury Arm.

We did a massive cruise today; crossing from one side of the canal to the other and reversing back 200 yards. There were 3 reasons for this - a greyhound was wandering around off lead and without an owner in appearance (meant we had to keep Daisy in); we couldn't stop the chine bashing against the concrete side (Shroppie ledge style) and it was dryer on the other bank.

Heard from June and Mike on NB Temujin in Germany last night - they have 7" of ice. Looks like we're all sitting it out for one reason or another. This has been a funny old winter - tragic for many; mild isn't always good it would seem.


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    1. Thanks for that Brian; there's so much stuff coming through from them at the moment that we missed it. I wonder how long before it's closed again though with the extremely wet forecast for next week