Monday, 3 February 2014

How come I write this blog under Graham's name

whilst  he's writing the new blog  under mine? It's no wonder people are confused, but there is an explanation. Many years ago, long before we bought MR, G started this blog but, as we fulfilled the dream and started travelling, I took it over. Although when I leave comments on (most) other blogs I can change his name to mine, I can't change the actual blogger name.
The new blog is on Wordpress  and is, currently, all about what we needed to do to get MR and all her crew to Europe, so is currently being written by G as he has done all the research. Once we're out there I shall take it over and continue to rabbit on. This blog will stop as we need a reliable format to write off line due to higher data costs out there. Simples!!

Although windy yesterday it was dry and sunny and a morning phone call asking our whereabouts heralded a visit from Roger, who walked all the way from Welford and back again, to bring us the promised brace of Partridge and Pheasant - he hadn't realised that we were leaving Saturday - and wouldn't even take the price of a pint off us. So, if you're reading this Roger, thank you very much.

Having prepped the veg, I left G with the Rugby and to cook the Sunday roast whilst I went walkies with the boys.

sadly too late to take advantage of this bit of felling - too many others had arrived first

on the way back we hooked up with Rosie the Border Collie - unusually, Baxter fell rapturously in love but, after about 15 minutes, Rosie decided Baxter was after her stick (he wasn't - he just wanted her body) so she growled at him and he was so surprised he made a huge jump backwards - landing some considerable way away from the bank in the canal! He was not a very happy boy.
 So I towel dried the worst off and moved his bed in front of the fire. Muttley did his best to warm his bottom for awhile
Duty done, Muttley assumed the position and went to sleep