Thursday, 6 February 2014

No more incidents on the Buckby flight

A long day by our winter standards anyway; 14 locks and 5 miles.
G headed off with MR to the waterpoint at the top of the Watford locks whilst I set off with the dogs.

After servicing the boat we were quickly down the flight with assistance from the very chatty Lockie and his Border Collie, Molly.

Down the staircase

Is he going to make that mum?
Oh yeah - he is
Safely in
Now if only those two would stop gassing ...
...he might come and open that other paddle and I could get back in my armchair quicker
Just as we turned onto the main line and started down the Buckby flight it started to rain and it rained and it rained. Poor G really had his work cut out as - this time - there was so much water in the pounds that the gates were submerged. No lunatics encountered on this descent I'm pleased to say (I was beginning to think our passages through this flight were jinxed), but G and the boys looked so dejected and bedraggled. No photos I'm afraid as I forgot to take my waterproof camera out with me. I did try very hard to demolish a top gate though; although I didn't try hard enough as the casserole was still on the stove when we moored up - cold, wet, tired and hungry.

Poor Daisy was very fed up at being on her own for most of the day and just wanted cuddles
I don't know why all my animals want to be cuddled upside down with their feet in the air!

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