Sunday, 2 February 2014

15 calorie white worms for dinner

I walked up to the village shop before we left yesterday - I had to take one more picture of Postman Pat although he's starting to look a bit tatty now
 I took this purely for the joy of capturing blue sky, shadows and reflections again
 by the time we turned off of the Welford arm onto the Leicester arm it was blowing a hooley and I had a job to walk into the wind on this bend
 When we moored up round the corner Daisy was delighted to find that someone had cut her a cat flap in the stock fence - it saved her having to wriggle through and getting her belly wet!
On a completely different track, G was on a fast day yesterday (he doesn't do Saturday's normally, but it was how things worked out socially) so I decided to try the new range of 'eat water' products. They do penne, noodles, rice and spaghetti. They are made of Moyo, which is a vegetable fibre, and contain 15 calories per pack whilst being fat, gluten and sugar free. A pack is big enough for two so, with some trepidation, I added it to our 200 calorie supper in order to provide bulk (critical for G to have a full tummy on 'fast' days).
The rather disgusting looking white worms are what they call penne pasta and they smell even worse until rinsed in warm water (as per instructions). I thought the trade name 'eat water' rather apt at this point. However my pan contained lots of shallots, fennel, celery, mushrooms, miso, tinned tomatoes, spinach, etc., plus a whole ton of herbs and spices and a dash of Worcester sauce. The meal was very tasty (just don't look at the white worms) and we were both stuffed and had left overs which G, rather valiantly I thought, said he would be happy to eat again. It just put something a bit more solid into a soupy stew really.

Now, before the 'poor Graham' brigade come out of the woodwork, he had already had porridge for breakfast and home-made soup for lunch. 600 calories, including teas and coffees, for the day - not too much of a hardship twice a week if it means losing two stone and keeping it off.

I'll also show you what turned up this morning and I'm about to dig through my game recipes ready for when they've hung - so he's not that hard done by!


  1. Good job Penny is not about! :D

    I agree, walking is impossible at the moment, well not impossible because it has to be done, but not very enjoyable.

    Nor is it enjoyable when arriving back with wet dogs.. Can't leave them outside to dry and towels have no effect.

    I too am beginning to get a bit upset with this weather, even though I have been away for a couple of weeks.

    I am nearly tempted to stay at Spiceball Park in Banbury. The girls love it here for whatever reason they have and most of the walks are on hard ground not covered in water although there are some parts flooded.

    I guess in a couple of days we will be off though and heading towards Braunston and more deep mud I expect!

    1. Aha! Braunston you say. We have to be down the Buckby before the closures on 17th of this month - that leaves us time to detour to Braunston first if you want to share those birds? I'll ring tomorrow or Tues xxx

    2. Thought that might tempt a meet!

      One or two engine problems at the mo might stop that.. G might be able to sort one though.. I'll phone you xx

    3. G passed on your conversation when I got back, it's areal shame that we can't wait that long. Oh well; when we get the car or compatible public transport locations. Hope you get everything sorted xxx