Sunday, 16 February 2014

My IT dept is home again

So he's managed to recover some of my pictures from around urban Weedon Bec. This is the River Nene - can't believe it gets big, wild, and woolly enough to be navigable just 6 miles ish up the road in Northampton
 It flows under the canal
 after coming out from under the railway line
 and the little wedge of land between the two contains the church, allotments and Weedon Bec's Pocket Park - I love it in here. Rarely a soul to be seen
 and these are some of the 'urban' paths that run through the new builds. The hedge behind Baxter is original layer hedging from when this was farmland - now as thick as tree trunks but domestic fencing behind it now renders it superfluous
 all of this makes for good, dry, off-lead walking
 right through the middle of the village
 Baxter has been stripped out now - it's off to the vet for all three tomorrow - passports required with only 8 weeks to go now (maths was a bit up the creek the other day)


  1. Lovely photo of the boys on the chair...

    Mutley "We're going WHERE tomorrow?"
    Baxter "I've turned my back, if I pretend I can't hear it won't happen"

  2. I'm delighted to report that all 3 were impeccably behaved (for once) although Daisy was sick on the way back!