Friday, 9 December 2011

Oxford outskirts and approaches to the end of the canal

I was really looking forward to arriving in Oxford by canal - I imagined it to be similar to the approach on the Thames (not done since we had a little cruiser some 20+ years ago).
Unfotunately, once passed Kidlington, it all gets rather scruffy with row after row of moored boats - some legal and some making camp on the 24 hour moorings complete with bird tables etc. We tried to get in on the 24 hours on the way back; looking forward to a special treat at The Anchor - the same culprits were still moored there plus one additional boat with it's bum almost blocking the bridge 'ole. These are not winter moorings.

The actual moorings at the end are perfectly pretty and cat safe (essential for Beefur boat and us); but horrendously noisy
 This bell tower is a major noise culprit
 There are more moorings down the arm on the left; beyond the long terms but a bit too close to the road for boats with puddy cats.

 It's easy to swap from canal to river here and the dogs and I had a pretty short walk after mooring

 This is the Thames in all it's reflective glory
All very nice, but back in arrivals/departures....... are trundling under by-passes/motorways without, to me somehow, the grandeur of the BCN

 These lift bridges are a law unto themselves - they are the normal DIY things but are locked on the towpath side
 When you've worked out how to open them you have to hurl yourself across the beams or fling them into the air and hold them up-it's easy when you've worked it out!
All this is lovely

 with fun on the allotments
 Sue raises this lift bridge, looking very cool, and showing how it should be done
 Beefur in the lock and MR waiting behind - Sue is still deheading her geraniums at this point!


  1. Unfortunately BW have not worked out that the balance of the bridge changes with the season, when the deck is dry they just fly up in the air, when the deck is waterlogged you have to swing on the chain.
    The best way to unlock them is to sit on the top and put the key between your legs.
    Brian on NB Harnser who can’t log on tonight, AGAIN.

  2. Hi Brian, I'm glad that you sussed it!