Thursday, 15 December 2011

Buns and blow ups

The former (buns) were G's Chelsea's - I should have taken a pic but we fell on, and devoured them, with indecent haste like demented gluttons; they were sooooooo good. It's Chelsea bun and mulled wine weather really!
Blow ups - well that was my hair dryer (oh, and my camera but I am absolutely not discussing cameras anymore) so now I desperately need a hair cut and have no hair dryer - even more reason to keep my head under the duvet with Daisy and Baxter still not sharing with Muttley; he still smells.
We didn't like the look of the weather forecast for the next few days so we thought we might be best getting into the civilisation of Braunston. G cruised and the boys and I walked in with plenty of time for lunch, a bit of shopping and a pint at the Plough before Gosty Hill delivered coal and diesel.

Back to our South Oxford cruising, I couldn't wait to revisit this lovely circular walk; I think it's 40 years since I last did it!

The next 5 pics are of the ruins of Hampton Gay Manor

Across the fields to the church - completely isolated now.

Striding out across open fields, we head for Hampton Poyle

Passed this straw bale house under construction

into the hamlet of Hampton Poyle
and it's church
the boys were more than ready for a drink and a swim - and then I remembered that there was only one way to get the dogs over White Bridge
lift them! all dripping wet......yuk! The dogs of my youth swam across and met me on the other side - not these two

this is the back end of Kidlington and the church in the distance - my 3rd on this walk
hang a right and follow the Cherwell back through the (new) woods to Thrupp - a fabulous walk and a very special day

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