Friday, 30 December 2011

...and the winner is ....?

Been a bit preoccupied recently, but a few of my favourite  canal side Christmas decorations

I like the Santa one up the side of the canal cottage - mind you, I did see another similar one but his trousers seem to have.. well, blown up..and I didn't want to frighten the horses children


  1. Did you introduce your self to Mike on Draco with the Cutweb stickers on the bow

  2. Greetings both

    I thought I would clarify my input about the Vulcan fan, having contacted the person concerned, he has no complaint against the Vulcan company. His dissatisfaction was and is with the carriers, who delivered the very damaged in transit fan, they denied having damaged the fan and refused any liability.

    Vulcan were very good and offered him a full refund or replacement, I would hate through my words to damage the reputation of a company who are trying to launch what appears to be a good product.

    Awaiting your review,

  3. ditchcrawler; sadly no, I was pounding the towpath with my head down in the rain - trying to keep up with MR. Sorry Mike on Draco

  4. bwp, thank you for the clarification (we are currently having similar problems between the post office and a returned Nikon camera). Will put up a revue when we re-recieve and test