Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Beautiful sunrise

Baxter woke us this morning with his legs crossed - G got up to take him out and took the opportunity to enjoy the sunrise whilst Daisy, Muttley and I kept our heads firmly tucked under the duvet. Listening to the wind and rain lashing down as I type this (10.45pm Monday), Daisy and I might just stay under the duvet all day tomorrow, but not Muttley he's all smelly!

 Beefur boat had a Tesco delivery this morning and added some wine for us to their shopping list, after which we cruised/walked on in glorious sunshine - for the sake of our livers we decided we should move out of reach of The Folly's not inconsiderable temptations. Before we left we came across a border collie who seemed to be a bit forlorn and abandoned - whilst happy to thrust a stick at us, he was a bit reluctant to let us near his collar. A bowl of food eventually did the trick and we were able to make a phone call and reunite him with his owner
 I was able to take some more pictures of the native ponies as we left - I don't know if this a rescue place, but there were dozens of them. I spotted Welsh Mountain, New Forest, Exmoor to name but a few
 Acre upon acre of them
 Gorgeous, and the windmill...what more could a woman want
 I must have been walking slowly today as MR left me behind
 and the boat behind overtook me
 Our landscape has lost it's colour and is looking very stark now
Hadn't long moored up by Lower Shuckburgh when NB Tacet came by and Karen popped round to say hello. You can find them at http://narrowboattacet.blogspot.com/  Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet Ian as well in the morning.


  1. Sorry, we snuck off early while it was bright and dry. Hope the wind and rain didn't keep you awake. I slept soundly, knew there was good reason for doing so many locks yesterday!
    Will look out for you again at Gayton

  2. I'm afraid it did-the Hatton is always conducive to a good night's sleep. We'll catch up at Gayton