Sunday, 18 December 2011

Breaking Ice, but not stuck (yet!)

I awoke this morning to the sound of an approaching boat breaking ice. I dragged myself out of bed, somewhat reluctantly, to the thought of 13 icy double locks with none of the hoped for help from my mate Dainion. Soon cheered up though when 3 more boats came down passed us and, therefore, we would have a good road for, at least, the first 6.

Cheered up even more when, stood in the well deck and donning woolly hats, scarves, gloves, dog leads, windlasses, etc.,etc., I was greeted by Megs, a 14 week old chocolate labrador with her new dad who had recently moved onto a boat for the first time. Both were delightful and she was surprisingly calm (credit to Rob) and investigated both our dogs without the 'over-the-topness' so often found in pups. I could have stowed her away in a flash. As I'm writing this, I've just realised that these are the new Crick Marina guys that NB Ellen has blogged about.
Sadly, the encounter cost us dear as, whilst we were chatting, a boat pulled out in front of us and went off up the set double locks without us; so the road was against us all the way. Doesn't matter though, does it. It's all good exercise.

 We slithered and slipped our way up - the bottom gates are so heavy and when you are struggling to keep your footing on the icy brickwork ... but we took our time and it was lovely in the sunshine.
 We went through the tunnel (me on board this time instead of over the top) and stopped at the top of Buckby locks for water and rubbish disposal before setting off again downhill. It was 2.00pm and this was what was coming.......... reversed up and moored and legged it into the The New Inn for lunch just ahead of the storm         
 .......before retiring to a toasty boat for cuddles.....
 .......and snuggles.....
......and the Strictly finals. Not where we thought we'd be, but it doesn't matter.


  1. Really sorry not to have been able to catch up with you. Rob told us he had met you at Braunston and we thought we would pop over to see you but you had already moved on!!
    Have a lovely Christmas and DO look after yourselves. xxoo
    PS Hope you're moored up and cosy in this horrid rain!

  2. It's evil out there; moored up all snugly just through Weedon Bec (it would be lovely if you and canines were passing)? If you still have her (working) car.......bring Rob and Megs too