Thursday, 8 December 2011

The other side of Oxford - day 2 was for the dogs and my soul

Within spitting distance of the canal is Port Meadow, where there has been common ground with grazing right for yonks and yonks, which covers a vast space across to Wolvercote between the canal and the river Thames. My intention was to walk all the way round and then back up the Thames towpath
 Muttley, normally the first to 'tidy up' the ducks back into the water, was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of bird life
 We only saw two other people in the two and a half hours we were out
King of the castle log
anything you can do..

 filthy, wet and very happy dogs
Wolvercote in the background 
Burgess Hill nature park

Then the plan went a bit awry as I was cut off by flooding and it was getting quite dark
 So we retreated and turned back the same way - not the first time I've been caught out by these short days

Safely home, tired happy and hungry - all 3 of us

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