Friday, 16 April 2010

A morning out in Tring with Chenelle

We really need that bus pass now. It cost us £8.20 for a return,10 minute, trip into Tring for the 2 of us and a 5 year old.
A lovely little town with independent shops and independent architecture.

Sorted out a soon to be 6 years old persons birthday present, topped up with groceries and headed for home - it was bitterly cold again.
The afternoon saw Grandad engaged in some serious cooking - soup, carrot cake, bread and butter pudding, bread.........reach for your sunglasses as his halo must be dazzling you.


  1. hope you do a report on the wendover arm after

  2. We just done the Aylesbury Arm, report to follow. Wendover arm will follow once we have done it, Sunday/Monday.