Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Greygal is back - more photos from Saturday's fun

What a lovely treat when I signed in tonight. Greygal's blog was back up on my list....we have soooo missed your humour. So these are a few more photos from our fabulous Saturday with our super hosts, Richard and Sue together with A and Greygal


  1. A wonders if you'd like to trade Mutley for Susie...he's very smitten, although he also wants to dognap Lou. I'll be keeping a close eye on the pack...a trimmed TT might get in under the radar!

  2. That last piccie...he's definitely planning to dognap Lou...

  3. More than happy to trade Muttley (been trying to lose him for ages) but Daisy doesn't like Susie's sales pitch re cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Baxter has now been trimmed so he could slip under, but I'd miss the full on cuddles - we're still plotting to steal Floyd and make a run for it.