Monday, 12 April 2010

Meeting the Odyssey

On Saturday morning we returned the two boys to their rightful owners and set off on foot towards the Globe to find Indigo Dream, Lou and Blue and 2 sets of crew. On past the pub, up past the lock and no sign of her, so re-traced our steps in case she was one of the "unnamed" boats that we had Phone call revealed they were above the lock, so back we all went up past the lock again. Further calls finally established that they were at Grove and we were at Globe. Walked back to The Globe and sat in the sun with coffees and beers to wait for them; feeling very continental.

So Indigo Dream set off for a cruise with 8 people and 6 dogs on board. Lesley & I actually sat on the back whilst a bevy of superfluous crew worked the locks and steered; quite a novel experience - we must try it more often!

The weather was perfect, the company even better and the day went by in a flash - we were returned to our own boats around 7.00pm and rounded off the day with a meal in the pub.


  1. Is this the pub that the great train robbers met and was not the robbery around this area happy cruising. james

  2. And what a wonderful day it was - just shows that it is possible to get 40 legs on the back of a narrowboat. Really great to see you all again - can't wait to carry on the party next time.

  3. James, spot on - just over £2.5 million. Somehow it doesn't seem much now (less than a banker's bonus!), but at the time it was immensely shocking.

  4. Greygal; what a VERY special day. We'll raise a glass to next time - hugs to A.