Sunday, 4 April 2010

Great Ouse Aqueduct

Views from the aqueduct.

The old mill race.
The tunnel under the canal - the old route (4 locks) before the aqueduct was built.
Looking up at the aqueduct from the river.

Had a lovely visit yesterday from G's cousin Yvonne here on holiday from the USA, Kaz and Chenelle and Dainion. We had a rather officious 'welcome' letter from the local BW lady stating in no uncertain terms that we must not stay for more than 48 hours. We often moan about people permanently mooring, but this lady was certainly on top of her game!!

So we moved on after the Grand Prix down through the single lock (which was a total nightmare of virgin manouevres - but didn't matter as we had all day) and moored up just before the aqueduct. Superb walking all round here - wide open fields and paved pathways. Reluctantly dragged myself back to the boat as 6 extra mouths to feed tomorrow.


  1. Dont understand the single lock where is this please

  2. Enjoy your blog better than all the rest. Nice photo,s .... James

  3. Hi Anon, bit of a blunder on my part, double lock as a singleton, at Cosgrove.