Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fond farewells

All in a row - nearside is Indigo Dream, then us, then Caxton breasting up to say goodbye on Sunday morning. I think we last saw Sue and Richard on the Macclesfield around last September and Greygal and A on the Shroppy. about .....er ....20 months ago (boats and brain memory sticks really don't go hand in hand).
Sunday, in contrast, was not the best of days as we were all 'tired' from a long and over indulgent day; the wind became stronger and the queue in front of us became unpredictable. We remembered why NB Balmaha doesn't travel on a Sunday.
So this rather grand looking spot became home for 2 nights.
The usual 20 legs set off around Slapton village, the River Ouzel and it's environs.
Ever had the feeling you are being watched? We wandered around the church and these guys appeared around the corner; they followed us all the way round at a discreet distance and very handsome they were too (although Fletcher was distinctly unimpressed -any kind of livestock unsettles him). We encountered a couple of challenging stiles for Floyd the special needs dog. He cannot accept that he, sizewise, cannot follow Muddley under things.
Weather permitting, we shall set off towards Marsworth Junction today and give Baxter a chance to show off his new hair cut.

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