Monday, 26 April 2010

Joining the Wendover Arm

Prior to departing the Aylesbury Arm Lesley of NB Caxton fame decided to host an animal sit it, all six were enjoying the sunshine! Daisy now has a penchant for sitting on roofs, much to Joe's dismay at she climbed up his new cratch cover using her claws, ouch!
Last year we decided to buy a collapsible cat carrier, which we thought may be a good way of travelling Daisy, seen here chomping at the bit, sooo many ducks, let me at em!
Matilda Rose approaching one of the Marsworth flight.

Now onto the Wendover Arm, this was originally a feeder for the Main GU, here not too bad but just around the corner.........


  1. Hi Jill & Graham
    Sorry to hear about your collapsible cat - no wonder the poor thing needs a carrier!