Tuesday, 14 January 2014

We've started a new blog

As we researched the 'let's ship MR to Europe adventure' it quickly became clear that there was very little practical information available regarding what the boat needs, what the crew need, what do you do for money, data connections etc., etc., so G has started a new blog on Wordpress regarding everything we've found out/done so far. No doubt it will morph into my usual drivel once we get out there but, in the meantime, if you want to know what's involved, you'll find the story so far here at www.contentedsouls.com

Yesterday I trundled back into the village of Nether Heyford y to visit the Butcher, Delicatessan/Bakery and One Stop whilst G reversed back and across the cut to re-fuel at Fred Tarry's. Unfortunately the deli was closed, so I was saved from temptation. We filled with fuel, changed a gas bottle and bought 6 bags of coal and watered on our way through Weedon Bec. So that was us all sorted.
The village green is massive - more green than village

a real mix of old and new buildings
We had intended to go up the Buckby flight (yes Sue NP, that's UP) yesterday, but G spent 45 minutes in Bedazzled - to pick up 2 LEDs and a dozen eggs! Then he forgot to pay for the eggs and got the wrong lights and they accuse us women of nattering. By the time he got back at 2.30 it had turned bitterly cold and we called it a day.
We were glad we did as, within 5 minutes of mooring, it started to lash down with icy rain. Good call.
We did do the Buckby flight today but that's a story for the next blog


  1. Oh Graham, you've let the side down there... LOL
    But it could have been worse, you could have come back with a dozen LEDs and two eggs... ROFLMAO

    1. He's adamant that it took the chap 45 mins to find the right light - an interesting perspective given that he came back with the wrong one and had to go back again (and to pay for the eggs of course)!