Saturday, 11 January 2014

This time it's the water pump

Whilst I was out of the way with the dogs, G was busy tracing electrics to find a way to link in our new mooring lights (we need two of these to meet French requirements - I tell you, the bureaucracy is endless). He then discovered a water leak in the vicinity of the pump. So that was all the water off whilst he swapped the pump for the spare which was just as bad and it turned out to be the 'washers' on the connectors. We now have water again.
First the electrics, then the water so I suppose it'll be the poo tank any day now.

A lovely day again yesterday but, unfortunately, we could only move a couple of miles and catch up with the car as G needs to babysit all day today. The dogs and I walked and then moored at Bugbrooke, setting up the bird feeder which was inundated with Blue and Long Tailed Tits in less than 20 mins. I've wasted all morning just watching them...well.. perhaps not wasted.

 Baxter hopes he might be let back on out of the mud
You can see how still the water was - that makes a change at the moment

The car will stay at his daughter's now and we will do one more short hop to Nether Heyford before heading up the Buckby flight and the Leicester arm - we need to be back down the former before the long closures mid-February so they'll be no more mucking about after Monday 


  1. You are getting as bad as me Jill. Mixing my lefts and rights and you your down and ups! ;-)

  2. I often do but not this time. We are going up the Buckby flight in the morning (weather permitting). When we come back down we'll be over to see you when we get the car - if you know where you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS It just might be a Sunday I have a great new pudding recipe

  3. Well up, down, all around.. I don't know what you are doing!

    Sunday lunch sounds good.. So it will be after you have gone up and then gone down will it? :P

    You are not turning left or right then?

    1. We are going up, turning right, going up again, then again, then turning right again, then turning round and swapping rights for lefts and ups for downs. Then we'll see you towards the end of Feb