Monday, 13 January 2014

Fabulous weather

Couldn't do my ususal lovely walks into and around Bugbrooke as they were under water where all the rain has run down off the canal embankment. So I set off up the tow path before heading in the general direction of Nether Heyford.

This widebeam was out enjoying the sunshine too and made the bridge 'oles on this wide canal look quite small.
Turning off at the next bridge the going was surprisingly dry
I would have liked to go all the way to Nether Heyford but it would have been way too far for Baxter. An hour and a half is more than enough for him these days.

So, somewhat reluctantly, I had to circle back
(What time is it Kevin TOO?)
A shame really as G was babysitting for Kaz all day and the day was mine
I must admit that Baxter seems to be aging quite early (he's just turned eleven), our previous dogs - 3 Border Collies - didn't seem to start aging until they were 14.

Yesterday G moved the boat to Nether Heyford and I walked the dogs - a gigantic walk of 35 minutes along the towing path.
We had a date with Dave and Debs off of NB Immedit who showed us the two great pubs in the village  (both dog friendly) after G made and washed up the roast lamb. Now I wonder what he's after!


  1. It looks like a kWATER past LAKE to me...
    sorry that was really weak and wet :(

    1. Trying to think of a pun to reply but it's too early for any brain function

  2. Upond reflection Kevin TOO, it was a bit drippy xx