Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Poltergeist in our electrics

We had a pleasant surprise when Ian and Karen turned up on NB Tacet and moored close by. They have finished blogging as they have ended their gap 'year' living aboard and we didn't expect to still see them out and about - Karen also left me a pile of Good Food mags, so that's me happy for a fair while.

The next pair of intrepid visitors were Adam and Adrian off of NB Briar Rose - we've seen Adam recently but haven't seen Adrian for ages (hope you're over that rotten cold). I say intrepid as they had to slither, slide and (probably) paddle a considerable distance down a disgusting tow path to bring our flapjack.

Preparing a venison casserole the other day I dusted the meat in flour, from my flour dredger, before browning it - something seemed a bit odd. Ah! that would be because G decided to fill my flour dredger with icing sugar for the mince pies but didn't think to mention it. I would have forgiven him if he'd shown some remorse but, as he didn't, here is where I'll get my revenge........
Blisworth tunnel (takes about 30 mins to clear it) and G on the helm. Me? I'm just about to put a nice green log on the fire
Back to the electrickery thing. Some strange things have been happening like the radio going off when the loo is flushed. Things weren't charging right either; the charger was going straight to absorption rather than bulk. Then, when G got up one morning, we had no power of any kind - this turned out to be that the battery isolation switch had turned itself off. G turned it back on and replaced the switch, but things still weren't right. A day with everything in pieces (battery bank, solar panels, electrical cupboard) and G eventually tracked down the problem. At some time in the past the positive cable had been attached to the starter battery isolation switch by someone instead of to the domestic battery isolation switch which, over time, started to cause these problems. Who's a clever boy then (just leave my flour dredger alone).

Just before Blisworth tunnel we picked up Nbs Immedit, Avril and Cherry and the four of us moved to Stoke Bruerne to spend New Year at The Boat and to let G start on his new hobby.
 Good music on the 'boaty' side leaving the posh bars for the youngsters to enjoy their karaoke
 Perfik (although his bells are starting to annoy me now).
I just wish I could find somewhere to walk my dogs without wading and wallowing. Oh well, if that's all I've got to moan about........


  1. Thanks for crediting me with a gift, but I'm afraid it wasn't me who brought you the good food mags.....!?
    However it was good to see you back at Bugsworth. Moving into house on Thursday. OOeer,.

    1. I wonder who it was then ...... I'm losing it. May I suggest you might be a little bit too! That might be Bugbrooke where we saw you.
      Good luck with the move. Do you think you'll get bored with being static?xxoo

    2. I know I'm definitely losing it.....but for now I'll blame the move! House decorating will keep me busy to begin with, but I'll miss the outdoor life.

    3. I'm told the brain returns once you leave the boat! At least the decorating will keep your fitness levels up.
      Mmmm ... miss outdoors....a dog perhaps?

  2. When you mentioned a poltergeist I wondered whether you'd acquired another mouse!

    Happy New Year by the way :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Happy New Year to you. Less likely to re-home mice at this time of the year as we tend not to leave doors and windows open. Doesn't stop her trying though!
      I can't comment on your blog again but the problem is definitely at our end - no doubt my IT dept will fix it in due course

  3. I was going to say Graham is such a Bright Spark but having seen that photo in his Easter Bonnet I think I'll reserve judgement... but that really wasn't nice of you to smoke him out though... funny but not nice LOL

    Keep warm & dry all of you.

    Kevin xx & Harry xx

    1. It wasn't very nice of him to fill my flour dredger with icing sugar without telling me either lol