Friday, 18 June 2010

We've been stalked!

Spent  most of Thursday slobbing around in the sun - the fellers enjoying the fact that they can fish again and motivated themselves enough to walk into Downham and treat themselves to new rods, reels and assorted paraphernalia.
This guy sauntered past us and reminded us just what we'd missed this year by not making our regular trip with friends on the Broads and a bit of sailing. We think he said that this is a Mersey shrimper - isn't she lovely?
Lesley and I finally roused ourselves enough to walk the dogs and returned to find my husband showing a strange woman round our boat - even more scary for Lesley, her husband was showing a strange man around Caxton!!! It turned out that she was Amanda and not strange at all - however, I'm not at all sure about David; it was his birthday and when Amanda asked him how he would like to spend his evening, he replied, "let's go and find Caxton and Matilda Rose". Now that is very strange. Needless to say that they are another couple planning a boat build, who follow our blogs and realised we were in their area. A very convivial evening was spent yakking and we hope they might come and find us again this weekend!
We were running out of food and no-one could face the trek to and from Downham carrying heavy shopping, so we pulled pins on MR at 9.00am to take her down the relief channel to go shopping and moored up at Downham.
Suitably re-stocked, we had a bit of lunch and then Lesley and I walked the dogs to Denver Mill
and into Denver village, some very interesting buildings in amongst the (rather nicely done) new builds.
PS I really hate bloody f******l

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