Sunday, 6 June 2010

Water Newton Mill

An couple of days ago we passed through this beautiful scene on the River Nene, it is Water Newton Mill a most stunning setting, I now feel envious of the local boating fraternity who have this every time they go out on the water.

Here is NB Caxton leaving the now familiar Guillotine locks next to Water Newton Mill.

Our apologies to a member of the Peterborough Yacht Club who complained that we didn't update our Blog enough. It is very difficult to spend the time on the computer when the weather is so good and the scenery so beautiful.


  1. We were just worried you had fallen off the face of the planet (river). We will be setting off ourselves on Friday for a leisurely cruise up to North Yorkshire.

    Ken and Lynda NB. Amarantine - Peterborough Yacht Club

  2. Hi Ken and Lynda,
    Thank you for your concern, I will get the whip out and beat swmbo when she doesn't put her finger to the keyboard.
    On a more than pleasant note, we hope you both have a lovely trip up to North Yorkshire, soon to be on our itinerary, I hope!
    Oh, and what a lovely part of the world your home waters are.

  3. Hi Ken and Lynda,
    I forgot to ask the question, will you be doing a blog of you trip?

  4. Hi Jill and Graham

    Thank you for your lovely comments of the River Nene. We really do love it here.

    There are visitor moorings outside the clubhouse at PYC and you are welcome to moor for up to two weeks (see the Harbourmaster Colin). Visitors are always made welcome and the bar is open Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

    We commence our trip on Friday and I will indeed be doing a blog. If you would like to follow our progress this is our site

    I will try to keep my blog up to date, so as not to worry any followers!