Sunday, 13 June 2010

From Whittlesey to March

Off we trotted, having seen the boats through the immediate lock, for what turned out to be an 11.6 mile walk. F & F sat patiently whilst Lesley tried to decide which way up she should point the map (she does try hard bless her).
So we walked and we walked and we walked and we saw nothing until, lo and behold, these popped up...
... I'll tell you, anything that sticks out of the ground by more than 4" around here is real excitement!!!!!!!!
(OK, so the wind farm is just the other side of March, but god this landscape is desperately dull).
The colour in the embankment is lovely though - I love these purple poppies.
Finally we hit the outskirts of March where the footpath takes you between the cottages on your left and their gardens and moorings on your right.


  1. I'd like to say that although I respect your comments, I feel your comments about the bull were unfair. I appreciate your feelings; the beer wasnt to your taste etc, however, as you stated ( the landlord had been there for 17 years, it's actually 14), also, you appear to digress from the the fact that he shouldnt have been in business for this long! Thank you so much for adding to the already difficult area of keeping pubs open :-) - I am sure youre very proud = Have never had a bad pint in there - nothing mentioned about the offer of a change after your 2nd 'bad' pint - OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SAY!! - jeez - go to peterborough :-)

  2. Dear kappachino. I think you've got the wrong end of the stick. The Landlord agreed that he'd given us the bottom of both barrels and I did say he replaced them with a third pint and I did say that this couldn't happen often as he'd been their 17 years (sorry I was 3 years out and it's ONLY 14) and I did say what a lovely welcome we received. Has one of us stopped speaking (or typing) English?