Thursday, 10 June 2010

Peterborough to Whittlesey

From the wide open spaces of the Nene to the dykes of the middle levels. Tina, the lockeeper at Stanground Lock, welcomed us through with animal chat - she is, bless her, the local soft touch for any homeless animals: Shetland ponies (going for dog food at £20 each), 4 hand reared kittens (mum was attacked by a fox), another cat (wouldn't settle on a boat), etc.,etc. She is the 3rd generation lockeeper in her family.
Funny to be so 'up close and personal' to the 'sides'.

This needs a long hard look, but it's my best lousy attempt at photographing a tern that used our stern to catch fish as we cruised. It must have dived ten times along side of our stern, coming up with a fish on 6 of it's attempts. You can see the water circle left  behind as it comes back out of the dive ....a.m.a.z.i.n.g.

Phew that was the infamous Briggate Bend...tight!

...and the view behind as we left it. It's much sharper than these photos suggest and it could be very exciting if you were full length.

The blue pub sported a sign saying, "voted best pub in Cambridgeshire 2009" but had no moorings...grrrr!

Cottages on the final approach onto the Whittlesey moorings.

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