Monday, 7 June 2010


Yes, it's me back. G has been in charge of the blog for a while now as I've had so much 'stuff' going on. His photos, with his posh camera, have captured things my little auto couldn't hope to - mind, you'd be hard pushed to take a bad photo in this countryside on this gorgeous river. We're still on the Nene (many people have done the Liverpool link and back in less time than we've taken to get from Stoke Bruerne to Peterborough!), but there's no need to hurry a good thing.
We arrived in Peterborough on Saturday, having by-passed the renowned Ferry Meadows, as the family were coming to pick up Dainion (ready for school Monday) and our water and toilet facilities were decidedly iffy to be receiving additional guests!!! So having attended to all that needed attending to and squeezed in one last bbq, before the weather finally broke, we decided to go back to Ferry Meadows early Sunday morning. As you break out of the river into the lake, despite grotty weather, it is spectacular but we didn't like it as a mooring. There were too many people, dogs and ducks; all of which were too noisy, particularly the latter. Surprisingly it was no fun for the menagerie either - the pontoons are very open mesh and even Daisy was unhappy walking on it so, around 4.30, we made a snap decision to return to Peterborough - move up a little from the town bridge and you find yourself in a lovely deserted, rural mooring - things often don't turn out as you expect.
So today we did the tourist bit around the Cathedral and it's environs (as pictured above) and did our best to singularly re-inflate the local economy replacing things that had been worn out/broken/eaten. Lovely day and managed to fit everything in whilst missing the rain showers.
Unfortunately, just as we sat down to chill with a glass of wine, Daisy decided she'd not had enough attention and shot through the top half of the open (new mod) stable doors carrying a large (and very alive) rodent. G made a grab for her, dropping the computer in the process, as she made a bolt through the boat before releasing her quarry into the office (shed). A considerable amount of time was spent emptying the office, breaking the full length mirror (waiting to be re-attached to the back of the wardrobe door - or, at least, it was) in the process and re-loading the office. Said rodent is probably chomping it's way expensively through our electrical system as I type.
Anyway, even if the stow-away is still on board, we shall be moving on to the Middle Levels on Wednesday as our passage through Stanground lock has been booked for mid-day.


  1. Hope you have fun round Briggate Bend!! For goodness sake don't start counting the fishing peg numbers on Whittlesey dyke, it will drive you nuts!!!

  2. Hi Ken and Lynda,
    Jill hasn't got around to doing Peterborough to Whittlesey blog yet but it was interesting, we have spent ywo nights so far at Whittlesey, lovely little town. looking forward to counting fishing pegs!!!! not,
    Break a leg and enjoy that long cruise you are about to depart on.