Friday, 7 November 2008

Baxter & Muttley wish to apologise.......

3 whole days spent back in the "other "world showed us just how unfit we all are for "proper" company. I had made a note to myself that I wasn't to wave & talk to people & I'd warned the dogs to expect leads & the cats that they were not to help themselves to people's bricks & mortar. Started off at Kevin & 'shell's reasonably OK except both dogs dived on the sofa & then muddy Muttley deposited himself on 'shells lap after bouncing on Socks (their cat). Daisy left muddy paw prints over my mums neighbours work surface on Tuesday but managed to escape further embarassment Tues night by going out to dinner with Pete & Sally. Weds we went over to Lesley & Graham's for dinner & had their totally,to die for paella. wether or not itwas 'cause they were fed up with being on their best behaviour (not really) or because they were reunited with their lovely sailing Jack Russell mate, Bonnie, or Bonnies 3 cat friends I don't know but something went very wrong! Having turned over the bin, jumped on the kitchen work surfaces & barked at the cats, Mutley peed up the fireplace. It is a very, very good job that we are really really good mates. I also broke the rules at the hospital on Tuesday by chatting (I know I said I wouldn't) to a lovely lady, similarly half dressed, in the x-ray dept about the boat they'd bought, restored, and lived on on the broads many years ago.
Arrived back at the Marina Thurs eve to bump straight into James from NB Spirit-Dougiehad gone to fetch their motor home & they are leaving their boat here for a bit over winter. Isn't it always the way - I recognised their dog Oscar first. We hadn't seen them since Julyish on the Oxford. Have had a few glasses & caught up a little tonight but they are off tomorrow. Whilst chatting to James & trying to catch up yesterday eve & unloading car & unloading cats,poor Ted hit the nearest warm boat (which was Pete's, up a bit) & got himself stuck on the waterside gunnel. Bless you Pete for coming to find me even after he panicked & scratched you - so nice to be back in a world that understands us, but I think Muttley needs retraining at a correctional institution- I was seriously mortified!

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