Thursday, 20 November 2008

Days out with Floyd & Fletcher

yesterday Uncles' Floyd & Fletcher took us to this brilliant park & taught me to find & chase rabbits & squirrels; Floyd is best at this but Fletcher is best at sticks & swimming. Sometimes I manage to get the stick, 'cause I can nip underneath & Floyd tries to drown Fletcher so that they're not concentrating. Baxter was a bit boring until the adults found a playground & then he perked up no end & was the only one allowed on the swing which wasn't fair. On the way home, we all had to sleep in the back of the car whilst they went up the pub for lunch but there was just about enough room if we all breathed in. Jill isn't doing much on the blog 'cause she says her cnexions scrap (whatever that means) & she' still waiting for the pics to load. Haven't moved home in nearly 4 weeks but we're finding lots of lovely walks - things keep happening but we WILL move soon. Love, Muttley.

PS if there's no blog on here-try NB Caxton!!

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