Thursday, 27 March 2008

took 5hours to do 3 miles (and 11 locks) today. Our mate Andy did nearly 18 miles & 13 locks - what a pair of amateurs we are but he has to be back at school on Monday and we have to be absolutely nowhwere until my mum's birthday on 6th June.Would we swap? No way. Muttley back on good form. Eating again and pinging about between locks-now exhausted and slept for last 5 hours. Sun shining for most of today (couple of showers) and little wind - joy. The only down side to today is my complete inability to point 66ft by 6ft 10 of boat at 7ft of lock opening! I can't FEEL that pivot point to swing her back and it frustates me to the point of tears. I can fly gliders and have a PPL but I cannot make a cool, smooth entry into a lock. I go slowly, 'cause I'm crap, but the slower you go, the less steerage you have, it's really getting me down. Come up through Atherstone today, side hatches open due to lovely weather. Peeling veg for dinner when Daisy drops through waterside hatch with mouse - at least it was already dead, so didn't take off round boat. Why do we have animals bless them. Our life would be so much more chilled (and cheaper) without.

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