Friday, 7 March 2008

Moving on

Came back from Norfolk Sunday and spent a few days getting a bit straighter & catching up with family. Big "discussion" on Monday re removing sources of major stress - washing machine (which keeps leaving us with sodden clothes) & dog' s coats (full coats on Tibetans are very beautiful but VERY hard work to maintain). As a result we have 2 very wierd looking rather bald dogs & a new washing machine & reduced stress levels. Daisy went overboard yesterday but it was only a matter of time & she didn't seem paticularly concerned. Two in, two still to go in - plus us of course. Those that have & those that haven't YET!
Tomorrow is the big day, we are going to take a 10 week cruise, moving north up the Oxford onto the Coventry, a small diversion to do the Ashby and then on up north to the Llangollen.
we will be taking pictures and posting anything that takes our interest.

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