Wednesday, 26 March 2008

graham much too modest about muttley having him up during night. he had him up at hourly intervals and by morning was very poorly dog dehydrating in front of our eyes. mad search on internet for vets and taxis and muttley spent 14 hours at vets on easter monday- leaving us £300 poorer. why do they always do this on sundays and bank holidays when prices double? Wednesday today & finally he is picking up. So horrid to see him like that for so long. Now have basket muzzle so he shouldn't be able to pick up any more of Daisy's mouse remains-we think that's what caused it, although it's such a shame he can't chase balls or carry home firewood like before-hopefully he'll grow out of this eating nasty things. My birthday today but you don't get cards, only e-mails, texts & phone calls, bit different but I couldn't have a better birthday, who,but boaters, get to feed ducks out of the window & have constantly changing countryside? My mum-in-law managed to get a card to me by forward planning-only one.Thanks Margaret. Left the Ashby today and neither of us knows how long we were on it-we seem to loose all track of time now on Coventry at Hartshill. Not as bad through Nuneaton as we anticipated and quickly back into countryside. Local dogs/walkers about on towing path & one dog got a very rude reward when he stuck his nose into our cratch-Daisy had him across the nose. Whoever you are I hope she didn't hurt you too badly!

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