Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Ansty, Oxford Canal, Warwickshire

We decided to make a break for it during a lull in the bad weather, we have only cruised for about 3hrs today and very nice it was too, the Marina is nice but boats are made for cruising. It maybe that we actually go down to a Pub for only the second time since moving onto Matilda, but Jill may not if the winds and rains come, she is such a wuss, no not really she just likes her creature comforts and as she just interjected 'or her space'. The chances of cruising tomorrow are slight due to the winds and weather but if there is a break in it we probably will.

Jill has been awaiting a new Passport and it was delivered to Great Yarmouth and the Old Shop, the delivery company refused to let Heather and Steve sign for it, so now it has disappeared into the ether........ we are trying to negotiate with the Passport Office to have it delivered to a Post Office on our route (post mistress has agreed) but it could be difficult as Jill needs photo ID to collect it, she needed a new Passport to be able to get her New Photo Driving Licence, has no other Photo ID and therefore may have a problem getting her Passport from the Post Office and hence her new Photo driving licence. She has been a non-existent person since the middle of January. One needs Photo ID to get Photo ID could be a catch 22. The irony is that they will only have to open the envelope to compare it with Jill but will the post mistress open an envelope addressed to Jill??????

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