Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Who ate all the pies?:

We take our digital cameras totally for granted now and it is amazing that we can zap off a load of pics with different angles, compositions and settings. But (are you allowed to start a sentence with 'but'?), does anyone besides me, miss that excitement of handing in rolls of film for development and the eagerly awaited anticipation of collection thinking you just might have caught that perfect photo. In my case, the other 23 were rubbish but that one, that beautiful one, was worth it and the joy was immeasurable.  Much of our lives have been made so much easier, but have we removed a lot of simple pleasures too?

That little bit of nostalgia apart - lookee who we have here then. It was so great to have a few hours together with Del and Al; actually quite a lot of hours!
 and Daisy got to the stage where she wished everybody would just bugger off
 Today we were a bit wrecked after our very late night, but around 9.00pm we mustered ourselves to get on with Christmas - himself got on with the present wrapping
 and I got on with making the mince pies - deep filled (but that's another story)
 These mince pies were destined for Kaz's tomorrow - oh dear, who ate all the pies?


  1. Graham, thank you for leaving some for me... LOL

    1. In your dreams Kevin! I managed to deliver 12 to Kaz's which were meant to go in her freezer for Xmas! All 'Budds' like their food - looks like I'll have to start again!!!!

  2. You are so organised... Wrapping presents already! Those mince pies look lovely - SO much better than shop-bought. I can almost smell them from here.

    I know what you mean about photos from film. We are now so used to snapping dozens of shots and deleting the bad ones, I doubt we'd have the discipline for a roll of 24 exposures - and certainly not the money!

    Happy baking

    1. No room for all that extra 'stuff' on a boat. It's not really organisation it's about dumping them at Kaz's so we can eat at the dining table again. I don't think many of the pies will make it to for the sausage rolls......