Friday, 6 December 2013

All fixed and able to move

We're on the road again. But yesterday we went to Kaz's for Andre's 3rd birthday party - not his birthday yet but many of the kids/grandkids have birthdays on top of Xmas so it was moved forward. I was also able to deliver the salvaged mince pies before G ate the lot. G also had an appointment with the chairo for his poorly neck/shoulder. The party was in the morning so we were back in plenty of time for the engineer to finish fixing the boat and we were all sorted by late afternoon.

Not that we would have been moving in that weather anyway - I tried to take a picture of the waves rolling down the canal but it didn't really work
 So this morning G reversed back to the waterpoint whilst I nipped into the village to get milk and Sunday lunch. I was held up by stoppages on the footpath - first was a bit of tree felling; second was a lorry doing something with drains and we weren't allowed passed either until they were finished. Eventually we were under way and nipped up the 6 locks with a nice couple on a share boat and 
through the tunnel to our target. Del and Al had told us about it but we were worried it would all be gone - no worries, there is tons of it.
 We pull over and do battle
 This is lying all the way along the bank for a considerable distance
and that's where it all came from - I had put the last two pieces of wood we had left on the fire before we left in the morning. Just in time - wahoo! 


  1. Ha! Well found.. I bet you couldn't believe your eyes when you exited the tunnel!

  2. If you wintered around here there's enough wood to keep about 10 boats through 'til spring!

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